Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WCC: E's Third Day

Aaannnd.. Sometimes you don't. So, the idea for today was, "on the run, no fuss, fast easy, matches accessories," (Again, with the matchy-matchy, I know). I wore this outfit for the entire day, and looking at the pictures now, I'm kind of embarrassed. The pants are actually fine, particularly when not performing amazing feats of slanted balancing (B is definitely superior in her slanty balancing skills), but the sweater on the other hand, is just not making me very happy. The shape is off, and the high beams are dazzling, and apparently shiny, which is just absurd, particularly as I taught a class today. Also, the material of the sweater, which though it feels good and breathes nicely, also clings in sadistic ways. Ah well, win some lose some. It's a shame too, since I was totally seduced by that neck line in the first place.
Hopefully tomorrow will paint a less lumpy picture.

Day 3: Purple sweater, black pants, pendant, purple shoes, black hoop earrings

Caption: Me, pleading with the heavens for a less lumpy sweater.
Sweater: TJMaxx
Pants: New York and Company
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJMaxx
Pendant: chain gift from grandpa, pendant from TJMaxx
Black Hoop Earrings: gifted

WCC: B.'s Day 3

In addition to my English class, I also teach swing dancing on campus, once a week on Wednesdays. I like to wear a full skirt for swing (maximum twirl-ocity!) so I included one in my capsule wardrobe. My dance clothes need to be lightweight, since the dance studio can get pretty sticky, so this summery wrap skirt and the short-sleeved white button-down from Monday work well. With a cardigan and a scarf-belt I felt more seasonally-appropriate, and respectable enough to chat with some fairly important profs at a faculty/student mixer today.

This is me contemplating my shoes:

And this is me being...some kind of crazy unbalanced ballerina person.

Swan Lake, here I come.

Day 3: blue cardigan + white button down + blue striped skirt + red shoes + teal scarf + blue and silver earrings.

WCC: C's Third Day

I decided to go simple today, though I must admit that this is probably one of the last weeks I'll be able to wear sandals until next year. My tootsies were a little chilly!

My one fear is that the whole thing is too cropped; I almost feel like I should do either long pants and 3/4 sleeves, or short pants and long sleeves (or no sleeves...). But I don't really mind it. This is an outfit I've worn before, and will probably wear again. I love this sweater! I think the color is different, and the giant buttons on the neck sing "Jackie O!" to me. I'm excited about the pants because I couldn't fit into them three months ago, and now I can! So, that's good news.

Also, I like that this is just relaxed, without a lot of things layered. I think layering looks incredible, but at some point during the day I get a little uncomfortable with all the clothes that are on me, and start wishing some of them would just go away (especially scarves...I know I love them, but I'm always dropping bits of crumbly food in them, or accidentally brushing them up against things when I lean over).

Long story short: comfy, familiar, and I just like it.

what it is: green sweater, brown cropped pants, sandals, bracelet, ring

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WCC: E's Second Day

So happy day 2! I decided that since today was my "don't have to go to school day" that I would be as casual as possible, but I also thought it would be a good time to show off my jacket, that I recently bought, and love to pieces (not literally to pieces, I'm being very careful, I promise). The accessories are pretty matchy-matchy, but that's another thing I've learned about myself (I tend to do that-- a lot, haha).

This is pretty standard for me, a lightweight sweater, a pair of jeans, a pair of flats. The jacket makes pretty much everything fancier though, which I'm definitely fond of. Also, let's face it: I live at TJMaxx. Aieyi!

Day 2: Teal Sweater, Jeans, Leather Jacket, Purple Bag, Purple Shoes, pendant, diamond studs

Teal Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather Outlet
Purple Bag: gift from mom, via TJMaxx
Purple Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJMaxx
Pendant: chain from Grandpa, pendant from TJMaxx

WCC: B.'s Day 2

Today has been a pretty rough day - my poor kitty has been suffering for several weeks from some kind of trauma that didn't heal properly, and finally today he had to have his tail amputated. I picked him up at the vet's before running off to my evening class, and he's currently hiding under the couch glaring at me from his Elizabethan collar. I can't really blame him. But he's doped up on his pain meds and it's all for the best and hopefully he'll forgive me when he's feeling better. So, on to the outfit.

I wanted to wear this black dress for both teaching days this week, but change it up enough to make it look like I wasn't, so today I wore the yellow top over the dress to turn it into a skirt. I'm pretty happy with the result.

The only thing I'm not sure about is the bright red shoes with the mustard-yellow top - if it hadn't been WCC week I would have swapped them for something more neutral, or at least less saturated!

It was lovely and sunny when we took pictures, but I knew it would be cold later in the day, so I also grabbed my new gray jacket and beloved red scarf.

I like the shoes much better with the scarf to add more red!

This 'do is really easy, just two French braids tucked up with a bunch of bobby pins, but I think it looks really elegant from the front and interestingly textured from the back. Plus, unlike a ponytail, it's a comfortable way to get my heavy hair all the way up off my neck, so I rely on it pretty often.

Day 2: black dress + mustard top + black belt + red flats + purple/gold earrings (+gray jacket + red pashmina outside).

C: WCC Day 2

Yesterday, I was delusional. Crazy, even. I pranced about all day in my cute little getup, happy in my yellow and turquoise and denim. "La la la," thought I. "Tra la la," I sang.

Oh, how one night changes everything.

I really wanted to wear my dress today. I tried it on in three different ways, and I'm still not entirely happy with any of them. The biggest problem is the shoe situation: with only sandals and boots to choose from, I'm kind of stuck. As B pointed out, my legs are short, and the boots only make them look shorter. But, with the sandals, the dress looks too frumpy. I might as well just put on some reinforced-toe trouser socks, put my hair in curlers, and go out to flirt with the mailman.

So, the one I decided to post is the least (I think) of all the evils, but it could still use some doing. I am happy about some things: I like the color scheme, for sure. I also really love the way the dress falls on me (it might not be that great a picture, but the cut of the dress is fairly flattering, as far as dresses go).
Things I am not happy about: well, the fact that I look like a cowgirl headed for an AARP convention is slightly disconcerting. And again, the boots. On a taller person, or a person with longer legs, this probably would not be a problem, but the dress is a little long, the boots are a little tall, and the only bit of my leg you see is the three inches between my knee and mid-calf. Oh, and the other, very obvious issue? The fact that the two browns DO NOT MATCH in the daylight. In my mirror I was thinking, "Oh wow, this is amazing! Now I have a long-sleeved brown dress! I am a genius!" I got outside only to find that the shades were just off enough to make it noticeable. Maybe people will think it's really cool to wear two shades of brown.

I will probably start a two-shade revolution.

Monday, September 28, 2009

WCC: E's First Day

Today is certainly a day for firsts for me! This is my first guest appearance, and also my first outfit for the Wardrobe Capsule challenge. I'll add in all of my items shortly, but here is outfit #1.

Please don't mind the neon white legs (no tights required, ha). I had to teach today, so I chose something that looked fairly professional but was very distinct from my Wednesday outfit, as my number one fear with this challenge is that my students would pick out that I was wearing something twice in one week. After wearing the outfit all day, I did wish I'd chosen something a little lighter, since it was sunny and beautiful... aka hot... I felt pretty resourceful when someone complimented me on my "skirt" during the day, since the "skirt" is actually a dress, though you can't tell because the sweater covers the top nicely. Like C, I decided to base my items for the week around a color theme, which is black, white, teal, and purple. Today is the least colorful of the days for the week. I longingly eyed a pair of chunky earrings this morning. I think that's the hardest part: I'm definitely an accessories whore.

Dress: TJMaxx
Shoes: Payless
Sweater: New York and Company
Earrings: Claire's
Scarf: TJMaxx
Day 1: Black Sweater, Black shoes, sparkly white scarf, black and white dress, diamond studs

WCC: B.'s Day 1

Since C. already did an excellent recap of the rules of the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge, I'll skip right to my items:

10 major pieces:
Blue cardigan: kersh essentials via Costco
Mustard top: Oscar via Burlington Coat Factory
White button-down: TJMaxx
Black dress: j.crew outlet
Blue striped skirt: street vendor in Bangkok
Purple cardigan: kersh essentials via Costco
Black boots: GNW via Fred Meyer's
Red flats: Banana Republic

Not pictured, for some silly reason:
Jeans: Banana Republic outlet
Gray jacket: Old Navy

5 accessories:
Red striped pashmina: gifted
Teal scarf: Oscar de la Renta, hand-me-down from aunt
Black belt: TJMaxx
Silver and blue earrings: hand-me-down from mom
Purple and gold earrings: Merona via Fred Meyer's

Day 1:

Since it's a warm, sunny fall day and I've got a long day of errands, classes, and tutoring, today's outfit is probably the most basic I picked out for this week: jeans, a button-down (with a camisole under it for modesty, so I'm hoping that counts as underwear), and a bright scarf and flats for some color. Comfortable, but nice enough for my evening tutoring job. And I love letting this pretty scarf take center stage.

I can already tell I'm going to miss my earring and ring collection this week! It felt odd not to have any of my silver rings on.

Day 1: white button down + white camisole + jeans + red flats + teal scarf + blue/silver earrings

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day One: One Week Wardrobe Capsule Challenge!

This week we're three: B, C, and E! Many of you are probably familiar with wardrobe capsule challenges. In a nutshell, we are allowed to pick a certain number of items and wear only those all week. It's a study in packing light! Our rules are simple: 10 major clothing items (shirts, pants, dresses, etc. and shoes), and 5 accessories. As I stood before my closet last night, I was surprised to find I wear about this many different items in a week normally (should I be worried?). Once I had all the items out on the bed, I realized it's quite a bit to choose from, and my worries about looking like a one-trick pony (or just a really badly dressed person with no access to a laundromat) quickly vanished.

I've decided to revolve all color choices around one anchor color: brown. I started out by choosing my shirts, and discovered that all the shirts I chose would look great with brown. I'm also going to try out a new mustard cardi, so I hope I can work that in a couple times.

Green sweater: Banana Republic via outlet
Turquoise tank: Express
Brown long-sleeve tee: Old Navy, swapped
Fuschia cami: Old Navy
Mustard cardigan: Banana Republic via outlet
Jeans: (worth every penny)
Brown capris: Old Navy
Brown Dress: J.C. Penney
Sandals: kimchi blue via Urban Outfitters
Boots: Madden Girl via Marshalls
Orange/pink/purple plaid scarf: Urban Outfitters
Green silk scarf: gifted from Bavaria!
Bracelet: Lia Sophia
Necklace: gifted
Ring: gifted, homemade

Outfit Number One: Monday

Items: Mustard Cardigan, Plaid Scarf, Jeans, Boots, and a Turquoise Tank.

I like it! It's the best outfit I've worn in weeks. First, it's actually an outfit, not just jeans and a shirt. Second, I love the bright colors on a bright day. The sweater is actually pretty light, so even though it's going to get pretty warm for a fall day here in New Hampshire, I think I'll be okay.

The biggest risk for me were the boots. I am generally of the opinion that boots-outside-pants are only for the thin, because I've got sizable (though muscular!) calves that just look bigger when encased by layers of pant and shoe. But you know? I'm kind of digging it. It wasn't easy stuffing my regular jeans into those boots, but I think it was worth it.

Self-proclaimed victory.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dress joy

I am in love with this dress. I'd been seeing variations on that light top/dark bottom jersey dress in the stores and on the undergrads for weeks and thought they looked adorable, so I'd tried on several versions...that made me look like a pregnant blob. I, like S. of Academichic , have basically no waist, so things that pouf out near my stomach tend to be bad on me. Like really bad.

Then, on a trip to Old Navy, I found this version of the style, and I magically felt young and breezy and comfy and CUTE.

Plus, it has pockets!

Dresses with pockets rule.

It's warm enought today that I only needed a cardigan to keep off the breeze, but I'm looking forward to getting creative with layers to keep this dress going as fall progresses.

I am beyond excited for the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge, which starts next Monday. The rules are: make five different outfits from 10 major pieces of clothing (pants, sweaters, dresses, shoes, etc) and 5 accessories (belts, scarves, earrings, etc). Underwear, tights, and workout clothes don't count. This is a lot harder than it sounds. But I've now got my whole week's outfits planned out, and it feels really relaxing. I'll be posting what I wear every day of the challenge, and we may have guest appearances from the roommate of awesome.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Tweeds via TJMaxx
Camisole: three-pack at Costco
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: street vendor in Washington ages ago
Sunglasses: street vendor in Russia
Swiss chard: farmer's market

Friday, September 25, 2009

comfy cool weather

Well, you all probably think I'm a big whiner.

You're right.

But I can't help it. Today I tried on about a dozen outfits, and hated them ALL. So, because it is cool out, and because it is Friday, and because I didn't feel like wearing dark jeans for the 8th day in a row, and because I wanted to wear a skirt but didn't like how any of them looked today, I just wore my go-to: weekend jeans, a sweatshirt, and Birks. I like to think we've all been here. I don't even think I look that bad doing it.

I tried adding a hat, just for the sake of the blog, but it didn't look quite right either.

Tonight I'm going to my first ever book-club meeting to talk about a book that I found evil and manipulative (My Sister's Keeper). I'm not even being sarcastic: I cannot wait. I get fiendish delight out of knowing most of the people at this book club ( ladies) will have loved it, and I can't wait to talk about how annoying I found it. I cried, yes, but I was so irritated!

Wahhh! I'm a terrible human. I'll probably just be really nice and eat their homemade pie, drink their sugary tea, and agree with everything they say because they're nice and I'm easily intimidated.

The look:

Shirt: Jockey via Jockey outlet
Sweatshirt: Torrid
Jeans: Torrid
Birkenstock clogs: Alec's Shoes
Pink Owl Bag: Old Navy

And BONUS pic of the day! This is me at the "London Calling" Contest. HA!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whoa print.

At least, that's what I said when I checked myself out in the mirror this morning. I don't usually wear bold prints, but I scoped this dress in the roommate-of-awesome's closet last week and wanted to give it a try. The shape felt very me, and that helped me step out of the comfort zone with the pattern. Plus, it twirls!

Also, check out these hottie-bobottie shoes! They are kind of Minnie Mouse and I *heart* them.

Dress: NY&Co, borrowed from roommate
Blue strapless top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Mixit via JCPenny's
Necklace: my aunt's from the 70's
Earrings: street vendor in Alaska
Watch: Target

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am not the only unemployed member of my circle of friends, and one of the others is fairly obsessed with entering contests (truth be told, she also wins a lot because she enters so many). She asked me if I wanted to drive to Boston with her today to go "down to Boylston Street, then wait for a red phone to ring. You find it, pick it up, and then answer a question about England. We can win a free trip to London!"

So, I'll let you all know how that goes. We all take our unemployment in different ways, that's for sure. :)

Here's what I'm wearing while I wait for that red phone to ring:

Jeans: Old Navy (yeah, the same jeans I wear like, every day)
Blouse: Torrid
Sling-backs: xhileration via Target
Bag: Liz Claiborne via Marshalls
Necklace: ack, who even knows. I got that back in 7th grade, when wearing your name around your neck was cool. But I was feeling goldy, and that's one of my only "gold" pieces.
Bracelets: Some really low-budget fake-gold bangles from Claire's (originally purchased for a Halloween costume).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fresh honey.

Buh. I am, as the Brits say, completely knackered. I took off directly from campus yesterday in order to help my uncle with his first ever honey harvest! That's right, honey. My uncle started keeping bees this spring, in an effort to help preserve this at-risk population. Last night he rounded up several willing helpers and we brought in over 45 pounds of honey. It was a truly awesome experience, but it involved a two hour drive last night and another this morning, staying up way past my bedtime, and a lot of (very sticky) work.

Thus, a very simple outfit for a fall teaching day consisting of my go-to denim pencil skirt and the yellow-purple color combo I enjoyed so much last week. Please ignore the messy hair - my hairbrush is, I'm pretty sure, in my aunt and uncle's gues bathroom. D'oh.

The fruits of our labor:


Purple button-down: j.crew
Denim skirt: Levi's via Sears
Belt: thrifted (at Goodwill for $1!)
Yellow shoes: Target
Watch: Target
Earrings: Target
Necklace: gift from my Russian friends

Monday, September 21, 2009

glorious day!

I was so productive today! It felt good. I put in the orders from the chocoparty, went to the bank, stopped off at the Post Office, then went for a bike ride. I also received a potentially exciting phone call from a woman at a local college about applying for the position of Academic Advisor, which sounds pretty great to me.

My outfit today was not one that I really enjoyed being out and about in. For starters, I hate wearing a skirt when I'm going to be walking around a lot. My thighs rub in an uncomfortable way, and chafing/bumps/all kinds of skin irritations inevitably appear. Also, I was a little afraid that the skirt was too flesh-toned for my liking. Still, I like that I was able to work in some autumnal spirit (corduroy skirt, short-sleeved sweater) without sacrificing comfort in the temperature area: it was warm today! The picture is not true-to-life; the color of my sweater is more of a greenish teal.

Oh, and I just love these shoes.


Sweater: Thrifted, no tag.
Skirt: Old Navy, received at swap.
Wedges: dollhouse, T.J. Maxx
Bracelet: Lia Sophia
Ring: Crafted especially for me from my great-aunt's baby spoon! Christmas gift.
Scarf: Urban Outfitters