Tuesday, December 8, 2009

something new

Spent the whole weekend in my pjs writing a term paper, so it's a relief to be dressed again! It's also finally turned into proper winter here and I couldn't be happier. I love frost, and red cheeks, and hot chocolate, and lovely white SNOW.

As both a belt devotee and a lover of scarves, I have been wanting to try the belted scarf look (done prettily at academichic, among many others).

I absolutely loved this outfit. I felt tall, elegant, grown-up, stylish, and just plain pretty. I got several compliments on the scarf and the overall look. I will definitely be doing some more belted scarf experiments soon!
I originally put on black boots but really wanted to show off these tights, especially paired with the rich blue of the scarf. These ancient Mary Janes are the most comfortable dress shoes I've ever owned, hands down.

Two more days of classes to go...

Scarf: gift from mom
Black v-neck sweater: hand-me-down from aunt, Max Studio
Skirt: j.crew outlet
tights: Hue via TJMaxx
Shoes: Fred Meyer's
Belt: TJMaxx
Earrings: Burlington?


  1. That scarf is such a pretty color! And it compliments the tights nicely. I think I might like to see a pair of sexy, sophisticated boots with the ensemble, but all in all I like. :)

  2. Yeah, I liked the overall effect of the boots too, but then I kind of lost the color of the tights, which made me sad.