Wednesday, July 21, 2010

white collar?

Yesterday in class, I was trying to explain the term "pink collar" to my students. I told them (correctly, as it turns out) that pink collar jobs were jobs in industries dominated by women, such as retail, secretarial work, and nursing. I said that this also included elementary school teachers. One of my students then asked, "So, are you pink collar?" That made me pause. True, ESL teaching is largely done by women (in fact, all four teachers currently working in my program are women). But damnit, I have an advanced degree. Then again, I suppose a lot of elementary school teachers do as well...

Anyway, I am asserting my white-collar-ness in this outfit.
Sans belt, even!

Button-down: TJMaxx
Purple tank top: Costco
Skirt: street vendor in Bangkok
Sandals: Nine West outlet
Earrings: ingerited from my grandmother

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